Why Work With a CFP®

Not all financial planners are “certified.” In fact, just about anyone can use the title “financial planner.” CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals have met rigorous qualifications for financial planning and commit to high ethical standards and designated as certified by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc.


CFP® certification requires coursework in Financial Planning, Education Planning, Risk Management and Insurance Planning, Investment Planning, Tax Planning, Retirement Savings and Income Planning, Estate Planning and Financial Plan Development. CFP® professionals have the knowledge to deliver holistic financial planning services, and they must fulfill ongoing education requirements.


CFP® professionals must pass the CFP® exam, which tests their ability to apply financial planning knowledge to real-life situations.


CFP® professionals must complete 3 years – or 6,000 hours – of professional experience providing the financial planning process.


CFP® professionals commit to follow a code of ethics and standards set and enforced by Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.


*Content adapted from Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc., www.cfp.net