Financial Planning

Live for Today and Tomorrow

We provide financial planning that balances the needs and wants you have today with those in the future. Yes, saving for retirement is necessary, but saving for that trip of a lifetime or that vacation home you’ve always wanted can be important, too. There’s a balance to living in the now while saving for the future that we help our clients work toward.

Finances can touch nearly every aspect of your life, which is why I offer clients the opportunity to take a holistic approach to financial planning. This is a more in-depth process that helps us identify and prioritize what you want your money to do for you now and in the future. Then we build from there to create a plan you’re comfortable with and that you can follow toward your goals.

Financial Planning Process

1. Initial Phone Call

We will start our relationship with a quick 15-minute phone call. I will ask you some basic questions, mostly centered around what you are currently focusing on financially and what you are looking for in a relationship with an advisor. I will walk you through our process, explain our fees, and answer any questions you may have. If we agree that this is a good fit, we can schedule our first meeting.

2. Meeting #1

During our first meeting, we will spend the majority of the time getting to know you and your distinct financial picture. I will help you to establish priorities, define your goals, and map out the transitions we anticipate to come. I will also ask you to provide certain financial information that will help me understand your personal situation.

3. Nerd Work

From there, I will design a custom, flexible financial plan that is centered around your life, your priorities, and your goals that we identified in our first meeting. 

4. Meeting #2

We will meet again to discuss the specific financial planning strategies and investment recommendations I have identified to set you on the right course toward your goals. I will answer any questions, so you have complete confidence in the advice you are receiving.

5. Monitoring

My hope is that you leave Meeting #2 as excited to work with me as I am to work with you. I understand the decision to hire your lifelong financial advisor is extremely important, so please don’t hesitate to ask me any other questions while you take some time to think it over. After helping you implement the recommendations, we will establish a cadence in which we will communicate and meet to review and evaluate your progress to your goals.

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